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General Terms of Sale
I. Application of the General Conditions of Sale
1.1. These general conditions of sale are brought to the attention of each customer in order to enable him to place an order.
1.2. Consequently, placing an order implies the complete understanding and acceptance of the general conditions of sale by the customer. ?
1.3. No exceptions to these conditions will be accepted without the consent of MANON. ?
1.4. The customer therefore cannot oppose any condition set by MANON, unless MANON agrees to this exception.?
1.5. MANON will respect all the terms and conditions stated in this section, however, we reserve the right to change any of the terms at any given time. 
II. Orders and confirmations
2.1. The customer is requested to complete the order form accurately and to provide information in various headings (his address, the delivery address, the method of payment, etc.). Should there be any error in the details provided for the recipient, MANON cannot be held responsible for the failure to deliver to that recipient. 
2.2. Each order placed on the website is subject to approval by MANON. MANON reserves the right to refuse an order if the customer does not provide all the information requested or the product or products ordered are not available. In which case, the customer will be notified within 48 hours from the date on which the order was placed. 
2.4. On the other hand, from the time the goods is handed over to the carrier, no cancellations may be accepted and the charges will not be refunded. 
III. Order payments
3.1. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Cash On Delivery(COD), and Cash. 
3.2. The currency used for the transaction is Rupiah (Indonesia). 
3.3. To be delivered, the order must be paid for in full. Orders not paid for cannot be delivered.
3.4. The invoice of the order placed on the website is available in the rubric "My Account" or in customer email.
?IV. Unavailability of the products
The availability of the products and services is indicated on the Website. However, it will only become firm when the order is confirmed. MANON cannot be held responsible for the unavailability of a product for delivery especially that MANON ascertains that the customer is informed prior to the delivery of his/hers order. 

V. Delivery of the products??5.1. Preparation and shipping of products 
5.1.1. The goods are prepared and packed by MANON in a sealed, shock resistant package which protects the contents during transportation. 
5.1.2. The customer is responsible for the indications relating to the name and address of the recipient which must be accurate, precise and complete (door code, floor, telephone, etc.) to enable proper delivery. MANON cannot be held responsible for any packages return of a delivery due to an erroneous address or the impossibility of delivering to the address indicated.?If the return of delivery or the impossibility to deliver results from a lack of information or a mistake in the delivery address, the second delivery will be charged to the customer.
5.1.3. WARNING: Orders which indicate an address to a Post Office Box cannot be accepted.
5.1.4. Following confirmation of the order, MANON undertakes to process and ship the order to the requested address, via a carrier it chooses. MANON will insure the goods up to delivery; however, it is up to the customer to verify the the goods in the presence of the delivery agent. Any discrepancy on delivery must be pointed out on the delivery notice. If this clause is not respected, no reimbursement process.
5.1.5. Should the recipient or a person able to accept the delivery of the products be absent, the carrier will leave a notification of the delivery at the delivery address indicated by the customer asking him to claim the products. Under no circumstances can MANON be held responsible for any damage to the products resulting from their late recovery from the carrier.
5.1.6 MANON cannot be held responsible if the package has not been delivered for the following causes: "force majeure" as described by the tribunals and natural disasters.
VI. Complaints - Disputes
6.1. Complaints or disputes will always be received with attentive goodwill, with the good faith of the person who has taken the trouble to set out the claim always being presumed.
6.2. On reception of the products, the customer must always check that the delivery is in conformity with his order. Any damage must be noted accurately, dated and signed on the delivery note.
6.3. Any claims must be made within a maximum time of 3 days after reception, to the Customer Service department of MANON :?- by email via the form located in the heading "Contact us" or by phone Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (021) 4584 7781?After this period, no claims will be accepted.??
6.4. The reason for the claim must be stated and accompanied by evidence justifying the prejudice suffered (transport document, etc.). Following an analysis and acceptance of the complaint by MANON, the customer may choose between reimbursement of his order or a second delivery.
6.5 Any disagreement related to sales regulated by the current general conditions will be brought to discussion with good intention to win win resolution by amicably. 
VII. Returns
7.1. Any return of a product must be formally agreed between MANON and the customer and be returned within 3 days of the agreement. After this period, no returns will be accepted.
7.2. Any return accepted by MANON because of a visible fault or the non conformity of the products delivered ascertained by MANON will enable the customer to receive an item according to the purchase price.
VIII. Right of access and rectification 
8.1. Deontology??In the interests of protecting your private life, MANON processes all the information concerning you in the strictest confidentiality. When you make purchases, we only ask you for essential information (name, e-mail and address) to enable high quality processing and the attentive monitoring of your order. This data entered on line is recorded on a secure server and are immediately encrypted.
8.2. Your rights?? You have the right of access to the data concerning you and of rectifying it. To do so, please contact us:?- By Email: By Phone = (021) 4584 7781
IX. Guarantee??
10.1 Knowing that our gift boxes have a shelf life of 1 weeks depending on the type of foods you have selected. Therefore, in order to best appreciate our chocolates, we advise you to choose the delivery date that is the closest to the date of consumption. MANON guarantees the quality and freshness of its products if they are stored in a cool place (below  5°C), protected from the light.
X. Interdictions 
Under no circumstances may the customer sell the products which are intended for his personal use or that of the person to whom his order is addressed.??Thank you for shopping with us. 

    I Accept General Terms of Sale